What I've got

As I already told you, I’ve got some ideas in those themes that most actual and most often voiced by the media. Some of this ideas looks like omnibus approach to a problem, some looks just like vector of thought. Others just need to be materialized with concrete commercial goals. Creating of simple things could be a part of more complicated conceptions and strategies.

Here's some of themes:


This area of activity for me is a big complex of issues that are combined into one overall conception. It contains a lot of different local concepts and business ideas. Together, they represent a possible way of improving and development of transportation method which stopped in its evolution now. Aviation, cars, ships, trains, architecture, lifestyle — all of it can be changed for solving many problems...

Sports is a fairly bright sphere of human activity, which is always in sight. Inasmuch as in the essence of the sports everything more or less clear, my ideas in this area are quite concrete. I can offer relatively small improvements to existing sports for enhancing their staginess, as well as the rules of the new games and contests that designed special for sale to tv-companies.

Reflections on art suggest some ideas on some genres. For example idea concerning the designing of concerts classical (and not only classical) music that can give impetus to the emergence of a new genre. At the same time, I have an offer for the group maybe not the most talented pop-dancers, but for patient ones. But before of it — for people who know a lot about electronics.

My brain activity is not limited to all listed above. I've got conception of firefighting strategy in those areas on planet where it happens regularly and in the most widely. This strategy includes not only developing of special stuff and equipment, but creating a special service and quite wide net of special equipped locations. This (and not only this) is reason to appeal to a governments of those countries, which mostly interested in solving of wildfires problem.

Аnd that's not all.