Fires still goes on...

... and it will continue until we will understand very simple things.

Not so long ago I posted my point of view on this problem to design blog as a comment.
Now I place it here as doubling of that message.

"At first I was going to answer the question which been asked here two years ago: “Can design and technology save us from wildfires?” Now we can see that years pass but nothing changes around us. Involuntarily arises the question: maybe it beneficial to someone?

This may sound ridiculous, but the approach to the problem of fires is very similar to the problem of snowfalls in Russia. In the country, half of which is located above the Arctic Circle, snowfalls is a big surprise every year. It looks like the crew of the orbital space station each time before the spacewalk with surprise discovers that from the outside of the station is no air.

Design and technology are not only ABLE to save from the fires, but in my opinion it MUST to do that. 
First — we need to stop to treat to design and technology solely as to a way of making money. Second — we need to understand that the fires, tornadoes and other disasters is not an unpredictable accidents, but the conditions of existence on this planet which require the permanent provisional technical preparing. Such kind of preparing that gives to smart people the parachute before the flight, the lifejacket before the sailing, etc.

People already have slept through the current troubles, as well as the many before. I’m not a weather forecaster or soothsayer, but I am almost certain that the current fires are not last in history. Besides, something tells me that in the coming January, in Australia, for example, will not be cold too.

Comments to such kind of news are speaking that the solutions to the problems with fires are exists. Most of these options have common that they require the PRELIMINARY PREPARATION. I have my own variant too. The principle is very simple, but it requires more than only utilitarian, but the overall strategic approach. It is about the mass production of different modifications of special means fire extinguishing and about PERMANENT preparing for use and finally about special strategy and different methods of using such means (without the need to blow up all around). Once again: mass production, spreading, preparing and using — that is parts of permanent (365 day of the year) strategy of firefighting in places with high degree of fire danger. Such places now easily can be established even without using the special devices: in America, in Australia, in Europe and in the other places of the world, the same way as we can be sure that snow must be on poles of the planet.

Preliminary preparing for the possibility of fire is the way to minimize the damage in case if it happen. It sounds corny, but it’s true.

The main problem in this concept (as in many other matters) are the people. The most likely way of organizing effective fire fighting is not in the hands of those who receives a salary for the organization of fire-fighting, but in hands of those who are most affected by the fires. I hope you understand me.

I’m ready to discuss the details of the strategy with anyone who tired to be in fire."