The sports is a model of life. Quite simplified model, it should be noted. For this reason, the challenges and problems can be seen very clearly. This gives me the opportunity to offer ideas in the following areas:


Athletics competitions is events with a long tradition and with conservative steadied forms. For this reason, some old problems are seen most clearly. For example the problem of false starts in sprint races, area penalty in the long jump and relay transmission errors. All of this problems can be minimized by changing the approach to solving them. Moreover, methods for solving some of this problems have relationship with other conceptions.

Here is just a small suggestion on how to paint a little brighter this sport show. However, the principle may be part of another, more serious concept. Even not only one.

Here offers several variants for changes in the design of snowboards. It's intended to enhance the stability of snowboards on sharp turns, on a solid snow cover of slalom runs.


I can offer to skeletonists a bit increase the efficiency of the starting spurt through the modification of the sled. It must be admitted that the innovation can be not accepted by federation. Next what we need to take into account is that this method can give only temporary advantage. Moreover, it can be insecure in several reasons. But as it seems to me, sportsmen can evaluate this themselves. Especially because the changes are not difficult to implement.

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I have an idea of the electronic system, which can stimulate the cyclists and skaters on the track and increase staginess of their competitions. The system consists of two parts, which only need to combine and customize. Both parts have different analogues. The system may be both stationary and mobile. Mounting should not be a problem.

This is idea of a mobile system destined to demonstrate for skier and spectators the dynamics of his movement on the track against the leader's dynamics in real time.
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Formula 1 is of interest to me for several reasons. First of all, because it has a direct relationship and a reflection of the existing problems in the field of transport. In addition, the entire Formula 1 consists of paradoxes, contradictions and problems that have not only a purely technical nature but mental nature too. All that can be asked for Formula 1, can also be applied to other racing series. But the main thing is that all the proposed is applicable to the overall transport conception.

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Couple of  very simple table games which can have some electronic-optical devices just for better show. One of them can be a part of training for athletes from another sport. (more)

Absolutely simple kind of wrestling. Here can be used special devices for registration of winning one of wrestlers. Such kind of equipment already using in one of existing sport. But it's optional.  (more)

New very dynamic and contact team game. This game is the most spectacular, but also the most costly to the organization, because it requires the creation of special protection for players and playground equipment alongside this.  (more)

As previously reported, I have a rules of several games which designed special for performing them in the studio, on the table.

In addition, there is the idea of the competition based on an existing sport. This show can be carried out in a localized spot for TV broadcast too. Not required to invent anything. All equipment required for this already exists. The results of this competition may be registered as a world records, because it carried out with permanent terms and for best time. Furthermore, it can be used by athletes as training exercise. I only think that it will be much interesting for the European auditory.

And so on ... Among other things, constantly appear new ideas. Now I've got some considerations of the relay transmission procedure during cross-country skiing and biathlon competitions, based on existing elements.

Some considerations about the organization of the biathlon shooting range, to protect it from the weather.

In addition, I have some sketches of simple system for fixing the time of the swimmers in open water and even a suggestion of their race combined with other sport.

A simple addition to the 'Superbowl' show of the American football with the participation of representatives of all the teams. It's about a personal competition between players where can be the serious bets.