construct the contact

This page is under construction now, but if you want to learn more about this theme — you can contact me via e-mail. I'll be glad to give you full descriptions of everything what I have been thinking up.

But first I would like to explain the purpose for which this site was created.

I was looking my own place in life for a long time and finally determined my vocation. The main project which I fully devoted myself now is an attempt to unite my vocation and my profession. Quite a long time I been forced to try to explain my ideas, though they are not so complex to be understood. Most weighty what I have been able to achieve so far is borrowing of what I've proposed. Perhaps this is due to the peculiarities of the audience to which I been forced to appeal. Doesn't matter. Now my experience allows me to give up profits in favor of those who agree to invest their time and energy into working out. The main thing what I need is an opportunity to continue my work.

In this regard, I am willing to offer to those who will undertake to materialize and implement the proposed ideas, all possible benefits from such implementation with taking into account already mentioned stipulation.

Ideally, I would like to create a community of people involved in the implementation of non-standard ideas for share-out a profit from such implementations between each other. But this is a separate project in itself. I'm ready to discuss any form of cooperation in this direction.

If you need to outline a crude ideas on some subject you're interested — I'm ready to do it absolutely free. All what is necessary for a more or less useful answer is the most complete source information. If the complexity of the proposed problem exceeds the level of my competence, I'll let you know about it right away.

If you represent a way in which we can be helpful to each other, then
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