As mentioned earlier, transport has stopped in its evolution and this happened not only with it but with many things around. Humanity has only exploits what was invented more than a century ago. For example, car was patented by Mr Daimler 125 years ago. Existing vehicle lineup has got nearly a century ago. All changes that occur with the car, apply only to its appearance. But this does not affect the main problems that emerged simultaneously with the appearance of the car: traffic safety, environmental friendliness and price. In my opinion, transport can and should make a new step in its development. With this move, transport will not only be safe and environmentally friendly. Transport can result to an accordance the human life style and the latest technologies of the new century. It can give work to millions of people, to save them from the influence of many natural disasters, revitalize many areas of the world economy. To do this, in the beginning, we need to change attitudes to transport as a whole.


Let us ask ourselves: what car manufacturers want? Their goal is simple and clear — to produce and sell more and more cars. How long they can go this way? Sooner or later everyone will have a car or couple and then selling more cars will be somewhat difficult. In the commerce world exists a long been used way to force to keep buying cars (or anything else) — create unreliable, imperfect but fine looking goods. Let's not find out the place where the conscience of such manufacturers putted into, but it's obvious that this method simply kills consumers. At the same time, on the planet accumulate unsold cars. So if it's difficult to change the rules of the game, then you can change the shape of the field at least. This may change the essence of the game too. If we'd compared the auto industry with a kitchen, then I would suggest to car manufacturers conditionally switch from production of crockery to trading by food. What I mean?

 The world around us is changing despite some mental anachronisms. We can make a new look at our life style now. In new century we have an opportunity not to link ourselves with standartized goods and things such as devices, buildings or services. Everything of it can wait us everywhere wherever we go. What it means? Due to the great minds, today we have mobile devices. Due to standardization, we are able to not carry them everywhere. Moreover, we can rank our cars, homes and even jobs as a mobile devices too.  Today each of us can to be a programmer, trader or mechanic everywhere: at Nevada, Madagascar, Antarctica or on another side of the Moon. All what we need for that is standard means of communication, standard means of life support and standard means of transport. We can to solve the same kinds of tasks without linking ourselves to one place. Another words, we can speak about this by slogan: "From mobile devices to mobile life". Such kind lifestyle can solve many different problems.

All buildings (as well as cars) are constructed at first, then exploiting and after that it breaks down. The period of time when it goes named as "the useful life". This period can be very different for buildings mounted with different goals. Now we can see that low price of constructional materials is dominating factor in housing production. This leads to a reduced service life of buildings. And nothing can force manufacturers to create homes with stone because such homes will be more expensive than gold. Meanwhile, homes constructed with plywood are more expensive day after day too. Most acceptable principle is situation when home or apartment provides a temporary point of dwellers' life. It means that not only period of living in the building can be short but the useful life of building itself can be short too. Thus, we can talk about houses as about mobile devices. Such homes can be a dwellers' property but can be leased as well. It can be left after using or dismantled from old temporary place and mounted on new one.

We could postpone talks about energy at the initial stage. But I know the elementary way to charge any gadget for one second or even less. And it useful for absolutely any device whose accumulators needs to be charged: from the flashlight to the ship or jet. All what we need is creating the net of special energetic points in the similitude of a net of petrol stations. As wide as only possible. It's quite concrete business plan which have the target to be used for service of Transport System and not only.